Leading thinkers from around the world talk about living on the brink of the climate crisis. How are we learning to live with loss and yet keep caring? How can we ditch denialism? What potentials and pitfalls arise from seeking action through technoscientific interventions? Why is Indigenous leadership important? We are all in this together, so come with us and gain a greater understanding about how thought leadership can empower the material action that we can take. 

Amongst 16 distinguished guests you'll hear from: Tony Birch, Nigel Clark, Michael Gillings, Lesley Head, Natasha Fjin, Cameron Muir, Ron Reed and Carolyn Smith.

Former ABC radio host and environmental communicator, Gretchen Miller, invites a deep and personal dive into the impact of the climate crisis on our psyches, as we feel our way forward in uncertain and turbulent times.


The At Risk team:

Executive producers and editors Josh Wodak and Jessica Weir, engineer Judy Rapley, production assistant Daniele Fulvi and writer and producer Gretchen Miller.

Theme music: Lick Stick, by Blue Dot Sessions.  

At Risk in the Climate Crisis is funded by the Seed Box, a Mistra Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory, and the ARC Center of Excellence in Synthetic Biology. Supported by the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University.