July 5, 2021

"How the arts can connect and sustain us in the climate movement" | Talking In This Climate

Can music, film, literature and art inspire climate activism or change our perspectives on climate change? In this episode, we discuss non-academic examples of climate change communications. Arguably, pop culture can have as much, or perhaps even greater, impact than academic literature on getting us to think differently about climate change and the world that we live in. In preparing for this episode we each shared a short film or a piece of music that has had an impact on us and how we experi…

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April 9, 2021

"Cape Grim with Jessie Boylan" | Saltgrass Podcast

This is an episode of Art Breaker, find the show and all episodes here . But this is also a guest episode, adapted from Saltgrass , a podcast and radio show on Main FM , and the work of Alison Hanley . Jessie Boylan is a PhD candidate at RMIT’s School of Art. She has work in the upcoming Castlemaine State Festival called The Smallest Measure. Her thesis and upcoming art installation has taken her out to the wilds of a remote outpost at the edge of Tasmania… to a place called Cape Grim where th…

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March 3, 2021

"Bird song and field recording" | Musician Tom Day

Lloyd Richards bring this interview and audio doco about artist Tom Day to Art Breaker. Tom Day is a solo artist residing in Main Ridge, Australia and has been creating ambient and electronic music since 2005. Characterised as “effortless and raw”, Tom’s tracks couple elegant beats and piano melodies to an array of personally-collected field recordings, his style alternating between promising swells and restful plateaus. Having grown up on a farm on the Mornington Peninsula, Tom is strongly inf…

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Feb. 12, 2021

The beauty of "End Game" | Kyla Brettle and Rob Law

End Game, the hyperlocal audio project from the Mount Alexander Shire in central Victoria, centered on the town of Castlemaine, is impactful storytelling on people as they engage with the reality of climate change. Climate change is a communications problem, not a science problem - as David Attenborough has recently said. And End Game is engaging with how we feel about climate, how we ourselves change in the face of change. Links: End Game Clips: Bubbling away and rising When you know a place H…

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Oct. 25, 2020

Mark Conroy on "The Call"

How long until you answer the call? In this Art Breaker mini we discuss the newly released track "The Call" by Echo, multi-instrumentalist artist Mark Conroy. We explore his paired roots in music and activism, the inspiration for this track, and how joining a group of fellow artists who've committed to releasing new work every week has spurred him through the Melbourne lockdown. Listen to Mark's work on his Soundcloud . Know a creative with a great story to tell? Drop us a line, or even better,…

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Oct. 20, 2020

Wading into "The Grot" | Dr Pat Grant

What’s the Grot? Or, what happens to form The Grot? A barely recognisable, muddy dystopia of a future? Or, a near at hand present with just a slap of mud and touch of humour? Eav Brennan explores graphic novel The Grot with author Pat Grant, and get into why he made it, what it reflects, and what he hopes you take away from it. You can already read it for free on his site, so get the director’s commentary here while you’re at it, you beautiful cheapskates! Links: Pat Grant The Grottiest Book La…

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June 22, 2020

Retracted | On the 2014 Biennale Boycott with Gabrielle de Vietri

There are many members of our community who at the start of 2020 called themselves artists. Some were working artists, funded by their work, by grants, by exhibitions funded by companies - all imperfect in their own individual ways. Most of those artists will no longer be funded when you hear this. Pandemic, recession, and government decision has and will cause a reaping of the arts community. Artists will have to turn their hand to other things for paying work. But will they cease to be artist…

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April 28, 2020

Playback Theatre Melbourne | The Power for Change | Recorded at SFL2020

Climate Emergency. What can one do? Presented as part of the Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne Playback Theatre Company in collaboration with Climate for Change are hosting an evening of conversation and performance - sharing stories, knowledge, and empowering action. Part workshop, part improvisational performance, The Power For Change will recap the climate science, offer a pathway for change and use the power of playback theatre to deepen the conversation. Audience reflections and stori…

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April 4, 2020

🎨💔| Beth Spencer on ArtBreaker — Kit Kelen on creativity, habit, and disruption

Beth Spencer in conversation with Kit Kelen about his creative practice as poet, artist, publisher, collaborator, academic, mentor, musician and blogger. Kit reads selections from some of his many books intercut with original guitar tracks. They discuss Holden cars, bushfires, coal-addiction, and the role of place in his work -- as a writer who uses a lot of Australian idiom, colloquialisms and reference to landscape in his poetry, and who has also been widely translated. The process and benefi…

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Jan. 10, 2020

Jacob Richards | Puscha - The Nature of Synth

Jacob Richards performs as Puscha, delivering durational music performances across festivals and venues in Victoria and as far afield as Mongolia. You'll learn Jacob's approach to modular synthesis, how to craft the perfect modular synth for live performance, the muse that is months at sea in the Southern Ocean, and how love of nature and fear for it's safety and integrity drives the music. In this episode you'll hear and explore four tracks, but you can hear more on Soundcloud , and stay up-to…

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Dec. 1, 2019

Charlotte Watson | The Black Finch Project - the Bird of the Year, and the mega-coal mine.

The Black Finch Project , or #1000finches, swept through the Australian art and environmental world in mid 2019. People of all walks of life were creating art featuring this endangered finch, usually dead, and posting them to politicians and community figures across Australia. That same bird is now Australia's Bird of the Year, while it's habitat is being destroyed to clear the way for the development of the Galilee Basin as the world's newest and largest coal exporter. How can art help us enga…

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Oct. 21, 2019

Jen Rae | Recipe for Disaster - On Food In/Security.

Dr Jen Rae is a provocateur and artist, who uses food as a way to talk about the nature of the climate crisis, and to start preparing for disasters to come. Her recent event, Recipe for Disaster, took it's participants into a bunkerlike space to talk about the food we eat, and what it tells us about ourselves, and an approaching future. We talk to her about pulling off the event, while taking you to it, and prying apart what it meant. Bon appetit. Support the show. Support the show: https://cli…

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Sept. 29, 2019

James Bradley | Author of Clade - on climate fiction.

Award-winning author James Bradley joins us to dissect Clade, his climate fiction novel, share readings, and the power of fiction to convey the realities of the climate crisis. Support the show. Support the show: https://climactic.com.au/support/ See omnystudio.com/policies/listener for privacy information.

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