Community Corner

Share your message on the flagship podcast of the Climactic Collective. Reach thousands of people across the climate community - absolutely free!

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Right from the beginning, Climactic has been about giving a voice to the community.

We do this through Community Corner. Think of it as the noticeboard at the local supermarket. These messages can be about:

- Events

- News

- Announcements

- Updates

- Calls for help

Or even questions, thoughts, and perspectives

They just need the following:

- Maximum of one minute long (target length, try not to go over, but it's OK if you do).

  • Can't take all day!

- Your name, and group if applicable, in the message.

  • Who are you?

- A call to action in the audio (a link, etc).

  • What do you want people to do?

Just send these to us as voice messages on Facebook Messenger to @climacticshow, email us at, or send us a voicemail right here on the site. 

Hear some examples of Community Corner messages to get inspired to send in your own! We're happy to work with you on sound design, background music etc, but we want to highlight your voice, and message, from the climate community.