Hot Selling White Canvas Ladies Hermes Picotin Tote Bag Red Leather Belt With Silver Padlock

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Getting rid of the dull feeling of the leather, The Hermes Picotin canvas bag glows the youth and vigor of girls, matching the Vans shoes. Red leather double handles are free to hold in hands or on the wrist, perfectly showing the fashion and elegance of ladies. The bucket body appears modern, which has plenty of room to put the phone, the purse, sunglasses or others, very practical. The leather belt buckle echoes double handles to ensure the safety of the bag, while the silver lock and keys are adorned at the end of the leather belt, accurately interpreting the chic idea of Hermes.

Hermes Picotin bag includes a lot of sizes, if you prefer the street style and try the big size, while the small size can match the big accessory well, properly standing out the fine taste and the unique personality of yours,

The red leather and white canvas deduce the stitching style of the bag, echoing the stylish taste of ladies. Double leather handles canbe carried in hands to present the elegant temperament of women, maybe carrying on the wrist will also show the ornate gesture of them. The white canvas body is designed to be the bucket shape, which has the adequate space to put the phone, cosmetics, the purse or the camera, very convenient. The bag has the leather belt buckle that matches the silver locking and keys to lock the bag, interesting, and you will love the unique design.

There is no doubt that the genuine Hermes Picotin bag is difficult to buy not just because of the price but the low production, so perhaps buying the replica on our site is better for you at the lower price and great quality.

More Information
Handbag Closure Slim Leather Side Belt Strap With Silver Palladium Padlock
Color Red
Handbag Dimension W22*H22*D17cm
Handbag Exterior White Canvas Box Shaped Exterior With Two Wide Flat Red Leather Arm-Carry Straps, Slim Red Leather Side Belt Strap With Silver Palladium Padlock, Slim Side Red Leather Belt Stretches All The Way To The Bottom And Red Leather Square Base With Four Silver Palladium Feet
Gender Women's
Handbag Interior Hermes Paris Made In France Letter Embossing On Leather Base
Material Canvas
Handbag Size Medium
Style College, European, Street Fashion
Texture Metallic
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