Kri McNamara

Co-Host of Climactic

Kri is a student of the Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne. Her undergraduate studies were in biomedical science and music production, completed in her hometown of Brisbane.

After graduating, she worked in food microbiology whilst intermittently participating in campaigns and projects geared towards marine conservation. She worked on the Fight For Our Reef Campaign before becoming an ambassador for the group 'Girls in Ocean Science', and later helped to coordinate marine conservation projects in the Northern Territory and Malaysia.

This year Kri was trained as a Climate Reality Leader in order to better understand and communicate the climate crisis. These experiences drove Kri to pursue the Master of Environment, where she is learning about the structure and frameworks that underpin issues related to oceans governance. She hopes that her studies will bring broader change to policy that emphasises socio-cultural aspects of issues related to marine ecosystems.

Kri McNamara has hosted six Episodes.