Georgia Sheil

Co-Host of Climactic

As an engineering student I never felt very like my peers, so I latched onto the one thing I loved and was good at... food. Spending four years as a food blogger working in hospitality I learnt a lot about the food systems that sustain us. It was only when I realised that the challenges facing our food systems were so big, bigger than any person could solve in one lifetime, that I fell back on my degree and made the conscious choice to make change happen from the inside out. So I guess I’m a problem solving, food-styling, latte-sipping environmentalist doing what I can to turn the tides of change.

Goal with Climactic: Driven by an innate curiosity for the world and its complexity I want to connect with people who are helping to solve some of the most perplexing problems of our time. I envisage creating a citizen storytelling mini-series on farmer's stories of climate change, told in their own voice. I also intend on doing many interviews and would be open to attending/arranging live podcasting events for the show.

Areas of focus: Leadership, the true seat of power, the 4th Industrial Revolution, addressing poverty in the name of climate action and regenerative agriculture are all areas of interest that I will delve into.

Georgia Sheil has hosted seven Episodes.