Bronwyn Gresham

Co-Host of Climactic

Bronwyn comes to Climactic with a passion for sharing stories that highlight the diverse ways we are engaging with climate change, and exploring the ways we can make that engagement personally sustainable for us.

Clinical Psychologist by day, mum and partner by night, podcaster and everything else in between, she hopes to spread the word about what we all know to be true. To engage with climate change means feeling it. And feeling it, because it can feel painful, requires tender loving care. In technical terms: compassion. And then, as if climate change and feeling it weren’t enough, we also have to figure out what we can do! This journey ''of doing'' can be fraught with challenges, opportunities, frustrations and fruitful endeavours. Sometimes all in the one day. So, as a psychologist she became interested in how we can be resilient, connected and ultimately nourished in this work. Her episodes hope to give space to sharing some of the personal emotional challenges we face, as well as engaging the collective wisdom around self-care.

Bronwyn Gresham has hosted five Episodes.