Tomas Brambora & Eliska Bramborova

Special guest

Eliska and Tomas are the Founders of, an online platform and a free app that connects people who wish to recycle their organic waste with their neighbours who can compost it or feed it to their farm animals. They believe that kitchen scraps don't belong to landfill but should be processed into new soil and used in peoples' gardens. That is why they build ShareWaste: to connect people and encourage them to use organic waste as a resource.

Tom is a software engineer who firmly believes people should leave every place in better shape than it was when they found it. Even if the place is a planet. He deals with all the technical aspects of the ShareWaste platform.

Eli loves exploring the wonders of nature and the paths less taken, making things from scratch and helping other people succeed. She helps grow the international ShareWaste community, takes care of social media and PR.

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