Sophie Lamond

Special guest

Sophie Lamond is a PhD student at the University of Melbourne where she researches university food policy and student activism.

As a young academic activist Sophie runs the Fair Food Challenge. Fair Food Challenge facilitates student-led co-design of fair food policies for Australian universities, and campaigns for healthy, sustainable and equitable food environments.

In 2017 Sophie was awarded the Australasia Green Gown Awards - Student Award of Excellence. Sophie has run community kitchens, mentored food projects and hosts the occasional apocalyptic dinner party. She has a keen interest in civil society advocacy and founded the Melbourne chapter of the Youth Food Movement, has been a committee member of the Australian Food Sovereignty Allianceand a member of the Right to Food Coalition.

She speaks, writes and facilitates events to open up conversations about good food and to explore possible food futures/ She lectures and tutors in food politics.

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