Phil Wilkinson

Special guest

PHIL IS COOL He’s a man of influence who connects the dots to build the big picture. The right and left sides of Phil’s brain are on good speaking terms, so he’s an invigorating blend of logical, creative and communicative.

PHIL IS WARM and engaging. He likes people and people like him. That’s the kind of person you need to forge strong relationships and provide influence and technical leadership at AIRAH with a reach of over 25,000 industry professionals from across industry sectors. Phil’s energy and collaborative approach bring together diverse professionals to progress shared standards and practices. His consultative way of getting things done makes him a trusted leader.

PHIL IS HOT Not wanting to be too fresh, but he is a man in demand. Phil’s a reputable thought leader who delivers expert advice and gravitas to steer a range of projects and advisory bodies. With a background in mechanical engineering and experience in leadership, he’s a go-to person with the know-how and experience to think and do, cleverly and strategically.

PHIL IS JUST RIGHT to drive his industry into a sustainable and prosperous future. As a dynamic relationship builder he can adjust the settings to engage everyone from Gen Y to industry legends, through to ministerial advisors and bureaucrats, tradespeople, multinationals, engineers and academics. He’s also on a mission to enhance the profile and visibility of the HVAC&R industry that keeps Australians safe, healthy, comfortable and productive.

“Phil is a rare find – the combination of technical expertise, a passion for effective communication and a deep commitment to improving sustainability of the built environment is a boon to us all and makes him a deserving winner of the Deni Greene Award.” Bob Brown, Environmentalist

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