Oli Moraes

Special guest

I volunteer with Climates between 15 and 30hours per week in the fundraising and communications teams. Climate change poses such a significant threat to society that we need to raise awareness about the issue and also inspire others to take action.

Climates provides a platform for everyday people, young professionals, and organisations to collaborate together to solve climate challenges with innovative solutions.

The Pacific Islands are on the front line of climate change impacts, and it is our responsibility to reverse climate change, and support those communities being impacted so that they can adapt sustainably.

If you support me reaching this target, I am going to shave my (shoulder length) hair off in a public place (fed square) during COP23 (UN Climate Negotiations in November).

Help a mate out, so we can all keep helping our mates in the Pacific.

Oli Moraes has been a guest on 2 episodes.