Maree Lowes

Special guest

Her love affair is with storytelling - because story is her vehicle for changemaking.

Her passion is acting and this has led her into the homes of millions across the globe.

Her strength is her heart.

Like a good story, Maree is not limited to just one chapter.

A Freelance Creative in Film, TV and Music – a contributor to content experienced internationally and nationally, an EMMY award winning online community manager, a national environmental educator for families, a published author, a model for ethical fashion and a facilitator of workshops on behaviour change.

With a BA in Psychology, Maree believes in the power of storytelling as a vessel for fostering empathy and social & environmental change.

The scope of her work is vast - from having her hands in the earth to her feet on red carpets.

Different hats, one heart.

Maree grew up on Bundjalung Country and when she’s not travelling around Australia, she is based on Awabakal Country in NSW


Maree Lowes has been a guest on 2 episodes.