Fiona Rossiter

Special guest

Paul and Fiona arrived in Orange in 1991 after leaving Scotland . They were actually passing through Orange and decided to stop overnight as their children were restless. Needless to say they didn't move on and Orange became their home. They arrived in Orange with two children and another on the way it didn't take long for them to meet up with other parents and develop friendships that they still hold dear to them today. Paul and Fiona love family life and wouldn't swap it for the world, and their family life is quite unique given that they now have six children in Australia and two more children overseas. In 2006 they also became Foster Parents. They have four grandchildren and feel very blessed.

Fiona is heavily involved with the community through her Councillor role, Woman of the Year, Health Council, Fairy Sparkle Garden, Star Search, Ronald McDonald House, Community Radio Show, Justice of the Peace, Toastmasters and her Guest Speaker appearance at Going Public in October 2006.

Fiona Rossiter has been a guest on 1 episode.