Damien Coulthard

Special guest

Damien Coulthard is from Adnyamathanha country in the Flinders Ranges.
He grew up in Quorn and Nepabunna South Australia, very connected to his heritage and culture. His passion for teaching and ability to lead started at a very early age when he first began playing sport. This also lead him to become a High School Teacher, now in his seventh year at Le Fevre High School in Semaphore. He is the coordinator for the South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy as well as sports coordinator for his school as well as writing curriculum for the Education Department and completing a Masters in Aboriginal Studies. The SAASTA academy focuses on academic learning, achievement and acceleration through sports which he takes great pride in. He is a valued part of his School and very well respected by the staff, students and local community.

As a leader in his community Damien takes on many positions and roles to empower youth and his peers, one of which includes being Captain of his football team, Port Districts. His love for health and wellbeing also inspired him to take on a part time role as a personal trainer at Pushing Performance. He also sits on the SANTS South Australian Native Title Board as a Director. This role puts him directly in touch with local Aboriginal communities working on land rights. Damien's role for Warndu will incorporate direct relationship building with communities and wild harvesters. This is a hugely important role for the company as it is its core goal to build long term relationships with communities around Australia.

Further to this Damien is the co-founder of Australian Native well-being brand Warndu. Damien only started painting 2 years ago but has on this journey become more connected to culture than ever before. He researches stories relating to his country, many of which were documented by his great grandmother Annie Coulthard. He collected ochre with his father and uncle on country and paints mainly on canvas with ochre and acrylic. His work has been featured on the cover of Adelaide’s Hot 100 magazine, on the packaging for world renowned cheese Brand Woodside (in the USA now too) as well as having been commissioned to do a piece recently for the South Australian Tourism Commision and just recently completing his first exhibition in famed Rebecca Hossack gallery in London.

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