The first Climate Podcast Showcase is coming!

Yes, #climatepodcase is a funny name. That was a typo but we kinda liked it so we stuck with it

Climactic was going to be taking a fortnight off over the holiday period for some R&R. But the idea of hosting a couple episodes of other shows... got out of hand.

We're now hosting a series of episodes of other shows that are either dedicated to engaging with the climate emergency, or who bravely ventured into those waters with an episode this year.

Action is needed on the climate emergency from all parts of society, that action won't happen without visibility, new media like podcasts have a role to play.

So please, enjoy this climate podcast showcase, engage with the creators, share the word, use #climatepodcase.

Running from December 25th to January 7th.

Showcase members:
The Juice Media Podcast
Follow the Money from the Australia Institute
Sustainable You
All The Best
Custodians of the Planet
Art Breaker
The RegenNarration
Idea Evolution
Climactic - Listener's Choice
Like I'm A Six-Year-Old
Wardrobe Crisis

A Rational Fear

The Sustainable Hour

Please help us decide our Climactic Episode of the Year - this will be Listener's Choice, so get your vote in here.

You're also welcome to recommend shows to include in this showcase at

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