Art Breaker

Art Breaker

Hello friends of Climactic!

Since launching on Earth Day 2018 we’ve released over 100 episodes, interviewed over a hundred people including Senator Di Natale, Costa Georgiadis, and Dr Darlene Lim from NASA, and lifted the voices and shared the stories of scores more.

You're here because you're a listener of Climactic, and we appreciate you so much! We wouldn't be doing this without your listenership, and we’re so excited to tell you that we’re about to embark on something new.

We’re launching a network. Widening our reach, making space for more hosts, and creating new shows to focus on certain aspects of life in these climactic times.

The first of these is all about the arts. How does the art we love get made, and why do our artists make it? The climate and biodiversity crisis is all around us, and it’s in our art, even when we don’t notice it. By learning more about the process and intention behind the art we absorb, we hope to become more sensitive and aware of how our creatives are responding to these times, and how they’re affecting it in their own way.

So join us as we peel back art in all its forms, to learn what’s underneath, deepen our connection and enjoyment, and have fun.

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