Episode 82

Georgia Sheil — On empowering women and girls and climate change with Asha Kayla, international sustainability expert


October 5th, 2019

47 mins 26 secs

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With 15 years in big corporations, working to increase their social responsibility and environmental sustainability, Asha became friends with host Georgia. They sit down for a chat about Asha' story, the power of finding your own story, and how Asha is building a social enterprise to help empower girls and young women.

  • Asha has worked across large corporates in Australia and the UK
  • She's contributed to the Australian UN Sustainable Development Goals working group, and the SDG's are explained and discussed
  • Empowering girls and women and closing the gender equity gap is one of the most important things we need to do to fix climate change

We hope you enjoy this, and with the Day of the Girl on October 11th, take the opportunity to reconsider gender equity, in this new light.

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