Episode 65

Tim Forcey — My Efficient Electric Home | How can a Facebook group tackle climate change?


July 6th, 2019

47 mins 38 secs

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Tim Forcey, through extensive work at the University of Melbourne, and the thinktank Beyond Zero Emissions, is a household name in a very particular type of household. But the work he does on home energy efficiency is relevant to every household. He started the Facebook group that became My Efficient Electric Home four years ago, and it has started to rapidly pick up steam.

Tim's experience and expertise is broad, but in this episode we focus a lot on heatpump technology, the radically more efficient technology for heating that he's on a crusade to popularise, and the lessons he's learnt for running a successful Facebook group.

If you're joining us from MEEH, welcome! We look forward to bringing you more about this topic, just as soon as people step forward to help us, or you let us know what you'd like covered!

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