Episode 25

Heidi Taylor — "Tangaroa Blue, marine debris forensics, and becoming a beach litter detective"


October 4th, 2018

26 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

This is quite possibly one of the most relatable and urgent episodes of Climactic yet. Heidi Taylor is, to people who know of her, inspirational, almost to the point of folk hero status. But when Heidi sits down with Mark, she shows she's much more than an inspiring figure, she's a living, breathing, inspiring human. Heidi founded Tangaroa Blue because of personal concern for the seas, where she practised her career as a dive instructor. But she's a powerful example of how to take a personal passion and create a structure for change, through clear thinking, pragmatism, and most importantly, data.

Caleb Fidecaro — Producer
Rich Bowden — Co-Founder
Mark Spencer — Co-Founder
Abigail Hawkins — Designer
Greg Grassi — Composer

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