2017 New Ladies Leather-Canvas Hermes Silver Padlock Evening Bag White & Dark Grey Picotin Bag

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Fashion is always changing, nowadays, girls prefer canvas bags, in particular, the Hermes Picotin bag. The white canvas bag is designed to be the barrel-shaped that is enough to place many items, for example, the phone, car keys, the purse or others, while the border is adorned with the dark grey leather, so amazing. The leather belt buckle is designed with the silver locking and keys to keep the bag safe, totally conforming to the fashion concept of Hermes. Carrying in hands will reveal the fashionable style of ladies.

The Hermes Picotin bag has many styles, for example, the whole leather style, the canvas and leather style or the different leather style, which is exactly in keeping with the fashion need of the stylish women.

The bag is composed of the white canvas and the dark grey leather, which creates the patchwork style that fits the fashion need of women. Double leather handles are free to carry in hands or on the wrist, easy to use, foiling the attractive charm and the graceful temperament of women. The leather belt buckle is the key of the bag, which interprets the novel idea of Hermes. There are also the lock and keys at the end of the leather belt, which can make the bag safe. The most important is that the bag has the ample space to put items, really awesome.

Whether it is for the formal dinner, the relaxing journey, the sweet date or the formal meeting, the bag will fully display the fashion style and the exquisite taste of yours, going with different dress very well.

More Information
Handbag Closure Slim Leather Side Belt Strap With Silver Palladium Padlock
Color Grey
Handbag Dimension W22*H22*D17cm
Handbag Exterior White Canvas Box Shaped Exterior With Two Wide Flat Dark Grey Leather Arm-Carry Straps, Slim Grey Leather Side Belt Strap With Silver Palladium Padlock, Slim Side Grey Leather Belt Stretches All The Way To The Bottom And Grey Leather Square Base With Four Silver Palladium Feet
Gender Women's
Handbag Interior Hermes Paris Made In France Letter Embossing On Leather Base
Material Canvas
Handbag Size Medium
Style College, European, Street Fashion
Texture Metallic
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