Episode 100

🌊💙 Tess Chapman — Wantoks: Dance of Resilience, and the Power of Media | Iara Lee


January 19th, 2020

41 mins 8 secs

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Iara Lee is a prolific filmmaker and chronicler of social movements, native cultures fighting to protect their heritage and lands, and the beauty of the human and natural world.

Tess Chapman, half of the Seasters podcasting duo, jumped on a remote recording session with Iara to talk about her time in the Solomon Islands, her film Wantoks among others, and the power of independent media.

Check out the trailer for the film Wantoks, and you'll see past guest Patrick Rose even show up.

Listen to Patrick's episode at: www.climactic.fm/88

Thanks to Spencer Green for editing this episode.

Thank you listeners for letting us get to Episode 100!

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