The voice of the people on climate change. Because Houston, we have a problem.

About the Show

We live in Climactic times. The culmination of billions of lives lived since the Industrial Revolution. In this current age our technology, our machines, our insatiable need for fuel has changed the planet and set us on a new path. Known as the Anthropocene, the age of massive human impact, there is now broad agreement that the consequences of our collective actions are severe, and we’re facing an unprecedented future with a destabilised natural world due to rising temperatures.

That’s the big picture, the facts as they stand. However, Climactic tells the stories of individuals, the mere human beings. Regular people like us, in their daily struggle to live sustainably, not destructively. We want to be the people's voice on climate change, embedded in the community and from the perspective of the individual.

And we want you to help us tell these powerful stories. So whether you’re a member of a community environmental group, have knowledge of change or just an individual struggling to cope with its effects on the ground, contact us, we’d love to hear from you and have you on the show.

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